Hey! My name is Sean Berry and I’ve been working on math apps since 2007. 

It all started when a friend asked for help with her college algebra homework. To me algebra was fun puzzle game. Just move that number to the other side of the equation! But to her it was a meaningless jumble of letters and numbers. How could I get her to see it the way I did? I was an aspiring programmer so I got to work. 

A year later I came out with Algebra Vision, a now defunct desktop app. This attracted the attention of Rob Goldstone of the Percepts and Concepts Laboratory at Indiana University. He generously funded more development, and with help from him and David Landy I came out with Algebra Touch in 2010 (which has now been downloaded over 750,000 times).

I’m now working in Minneapolis to make new apps that expand the content and difficulty.

Hit me up anytime over email: sean@regularberry.com