Here's what people have said about
Algebra Touch:

“I'm 48. I've wanted to learn Algebra my whole life. Tried all kinds of books, to no avail. Your app works for me. I'm so excited. A whole new world opens up. Thank you so much.” - Email from S. Grace  


"Coming from a math teacher, I feel this is a great app to help struggling students. I find it helpful that students can move numbers around and witness how they relate to the rest of the problem especially on what they can and can not do." - App Store Review

"I have never seen such a beautiful, well-designed approach to learning. Period. The paper pencil approach to algebra is worthless in comparison to this app. Algebra Touch utilizes beautiful graphics and intuitive touch interactions to make algebra not only learnable, but fun, and quite honestly beautiful." - App Store Review


“This is a great app for either supplementing a traditional pre-algebra or Algebra 1 course. It will help improve fluency in solving equations which is a fundamental skill. It is also a great resource for ELD students. All of my high school students think it is cool, they love the touch screen capability and the way everything moves. They don’t want to stop once they going. The developer is also great to work with, always responds and is very receptive to suggestions. I would recommend this app for every math class that has iPads and for all secondary algebra students.” - App Store Review


“We use this app with our homeschool math co-op and it has been a great addition to the regular curriculum. The students find it useful to practice these topics in a way that they can see and touch. Thank you for a great learning tool.” - Email to Author


“…only five minutes - there were tears in my eyes and my mind raced with the what next!?!? ...

Thank you for taking the time to help others with something that always seemed impossible for me and turning it into (dare I say ) fun and possible!” - Email to Author