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“It's much easier than pulling out my basic algebra book to review the basics. This is a great way to refresh what you already know, but have forgotten due to lack of practice. Now I can pull out the old book and not be horrified by what I see, haha. Thank you for developing this app, it's been very helpful.” - AppStore review

 'Elimination' lesson in Algebra Touch showing how to eliminate like terms.

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“I have been waiting on this app my whole life. I was turned off to math in the 5th grade by a teacher who would make fun of me when I would raise my hand to answer questions. Ever since then my math skills have been sub par and catching up has been a real struggle. I hope that they intend to expand on the lessons because they do not cover all of algebra at all. It's such an intuitive way to learn it gets five stars in order to get more content. If they didn't produce any more updates it would be a 1 star app for such a wasted opportunity.” - AppStore


“I haven't used algebra in 37 years (since freshman in college.) yet I mastered this app in a couple of hours. The way you manipulate numbers with a few swipes and taps is ingenious. It frees you up to concentrate on concepts rather than getting bogged down in calculations. It's so addictive that I couldn't stop doing equations, which meant I kept practicing until it became easy. I only wish I could progress to more advanced concepts with this app. Algebra II? Calculus?” - AppStore Review


“I can't say enough good things about this app! I never had the good fortune to have an inspiring teacher in math and managed to avoid math courses in college, so this is my first opportunity to try my hand at anything beyond elementary arithmetic. After all these years I have finally seen a glimmer of hope in the dark forest of mathematic ignorance. This is not only informative and a great teaching aid, it is also fun!

I'm hoping to introduce my grandchildren (yes, it has been that long!) to this fantastic tool for learning and enjoying basic algebra. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - AppStore Review


“I'm 48. I've wanted to learn Algebra my whole life. Tried all kinds of books, to no avail. Your app works for me. I'm so excited. A whole new world opens up. Thank you so much.” - Email from S. Grace  


“I love your app. I teach high school algebra and geometry, and this app makes algebra accessible to students who would otherwise never attempt a problem. The ability to experiment with the math builds confidence in struggling students. My only request would be to include support for exponents and quadratic equations! That would make it perfect!” - AppStore Review


“I was diagnosed with ADD in my thirties - you obviously can't look back with a pile of what ifs but after playing around with an app I downloaded for my teenagers; for only five minutes - there were tears in my eyes and my mind raced with the what next!?!? I also got a real sense of vindication as it made a childhood of stupid, lazy, underachiever, and many other hurtful and inaccurate memories of  comments past diminish a great deal! That much healing for $2.99?!?!?! Don't let it get out to the psychiatric world!

Thank you for taking the time to help others with something that always seemed impossible for me and turning it into (dare I say ) fun and possible!" Email from N. Wood


Experience math like someone who's good at it.