Experience math like someone who's good at it.


Play with the logic of algebra without all the tedium

Randomly generated problems from 'like terms' to exponent product rules.

 'Elimination' lesson in Algebra Touch showing how to eliminate like terms.

Transforms algebra into a puzzle game

Watch this video to see it in action.

Here's what users have said about
Algebra Touch:

"I have never seen such a beautiful, well-designed approach to learning. Period. The paper pencil approach to algebra is worthless in comparison to this app. Algebra Touch utilizes beautiful graphics and intuitive touch interactions to make algebra not only learnable, but fun, and quite honestly beautiful." - AppStore Review


“This app is great! I had forgotten all the algebra that I learned in high school decades ago now I can do basic algebra again. And not only did I releam algebra, but I find myself solving equations like they were games. It's more addictive than Angry Birds. :) Now I can't wait for the next algebra II app to come out. I don't even know what the next level of algebra is, but I know I'm getting it as soon as it's available. Then maybe I'll relearn calculus when that app comes out…” - AppStore Review



“As someone who has long been out of school, I needed something to refresh my algebra skills. I found that Algebra Touch was not only an excellent review but addictiver fun. I find myself spending hours doing problems just for entertainment rather than playing solitare and other games. The touch interface is wonderful. Please use this interface for higher levels through calculus. Thanks!” - AppStore Review


“Practice makes for mastery. The ability to do problems repeatedly in this manner makes algebra approachable and helps establish problem solving patterns. Coupled with written work I think this program can make a difference if a person is struggling with math or is new to thinking mathematically. The program presents algebra in a safe non threatening way. I enjoy using it and sometimes run through problems just for the fun of it.” - AppStore Review


Experience math like someone who's good at it.