Experience math like someone who's good at it.


Visual and tactile tech resource for struggling students

"Coming from a math teacher, I feel this is a great app to help struggling students. I find it helpful that students can move numbers around and witness how they relate to the rest of the problem especially on what they can and can not do." - AppStore Review

 'Elimination' lesson in Algebra Touch showing how to eliminate like terms.

Practice the mechanics of algebra with immediate feedback.

Watch this video to see it in action.

Here's what educators have said about teaching with Algebra Touch:

“This app is perfect for practicing the mechanics of algebra. The touch interface gives students of all ages a visual framework for how these operations are performed. Perfect practice makes perfect and this method really doesn't allow you to learn it wrong. There is room for creativity in math (and this app proves it yet again) as long as you follow the rules. This is a beautiful app, Bravo! I look forward to more development like factoring quadratics, etc. I've seen so many students struggle with them and this framework could really help it make sense for them.” - App store review


“This is a great app for either supplementing a traditional pre-algebra or Algebra 1 course. It will help improve fluency in solving equations which is a fundamental skill. It is also a great resource for ELD students. All of my high school students think it is cool, they love the touch screen capability and the way everything moves. They don’t want to stop once they going. The developer is also great to work with, always responds and is very receptive to suggestions. I would recommend this app for every math class that has iPads and for all secondary algebra students.” - App Store Review


“As a special ed teacher, you often find that something that you spent months on and were sure your students understood can be easily forgotten within weeks. Without constant reinforcement and practice, the students don’t retain the skill. This becomes especially frustrating as the students get older and more and more of the math requires constant use of algebra. I have been able to use this app with students who get stuck on problems. The app allows them to go through step by step with the practice problem as they work on their own problems. Because each step is broken down and done separately, students often quickly identify their mistakes and move on with their work. It has become the most reliable in-class refresher we've had yet! -8th Grade SpEd Math Teacher, Bronx Green Middle School, Bronx, NY“ - App store review


“I love your app. I teach high school algebra and geometry, and this app makes algebra accessible to students who would otherwise never attempt a problem. The ability to experiment with the math builds confidence in struggling students. My only request would be to include support for exponents and quadratic equations! That would make it perfect!” - AppStore Review

“We use this app with our homeschool math co-op and it has been a great addition to the regular curriculum. The students find it useful to practice these topics in a way that they can see and touch. Thank you for a great learning tool.” - Email to Author



Experience math like someone who's good at it.